The Conspiracy Project

Seldom have I seen a film that has so much logic for truth…….

A film by Neal Fox that has the answers to a heck of a lot of thoughts I have had…… such as why we are going backwards with education…

Are learning more yet understanding less…. why we cant even pick out another country on a map….. and why we are forgetting our history…….

Today we are so corrupted by the media social sites and where to think on your own you are labelled….something which, generally speaking is not nice….

Here is a guy who has put it all into one…and if nothing else take a little time to humor yourself….. and be careful as you do so… you may learn…..


Tommy Robinson

The far right wing organizer Tommy Robinson has been arrested whilst reporting on a trial in London of a few Muslim men that have been accused of grooming children for sex.

Tommy who is currently on suspended sentence for three years for a similar event that he served three months before the sentence became suspended.

So it would seem for the act of recording outside the court and without actually speaking to anyone……… he was arrested, brought before a judge and ordered to complete his sentence of 13 months.

What is far worse is that a gag order has been put on his arrest by the judge and should any publication report this and publish this, they too can be thrown is prison.

What  is concerning is that this guy although broadcasting live on general court issues has the police (or who I wonder) have the guy arrested when not being definitive about anything at all.

The case is however being held in a closed court and the reporting restrictions have been in place for all aspects.

This gives a ominous twist to the case as to why? Typically in a rape trial or a pedophile trial the defendants are known….. yet in all Muslim cases the defendants are not known.

He does however have some assistance from Alec Jones who can publicize what is happening and he does with this emergency clip.

Love Tommy or hate him, my concern is that Robinson is not being given his given right to free speech. In addition it would seem as the British government is protecting the rights of a minority group who have abused girls as young as 8yrs old.

If we are too dumb to consider what is happening today, we deserve all we will ultimately have thrown at us.

Big Brother Is Watching You: Is Britian Becoming Orwell’s Nightmare?