The Suspects

Suspect #1 See Pilot

Suspect #2

Secondly the two guys that were traveling on forged passports……………….


Discounted by all concerned very early on………………especially INTERPOL!

The headline in The Guardian read:

Iranians travelling on flight MH370 on forged passports ‘not linked to terror’

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This bothered me because when you have lost an aircraft with no trace…… and after a couple of years you cannot establish anything of the aircraft……. Then some power that be says its not worth investigating? EVERY avenue is worth investigation!

A very important part that many of the public are not aware of is that although the two very grainy pictures above are purported to be these guys……. are they?

Try another couple of pics of them that were the official pictures given to the public.

Doctored 1Doctored 2

Now what do you see?… Look closely…. closer?

The lower portion of both pictures are from the same photograph….. they have been doctored by an official for someone or something.

And the whole thing was brushed aside.

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Can YOU think of any reason at all when an aircraft is lost with so many lives that someone would FAKE a photograph?

Not convinced???? These doctored photographs are actually the same as the ones at the top…. the very same photograph…..

Yet our famed police INTERPOL says they are not an issue because they were not linked to terror……..

Well me??? I am not too bright……. and I have a couple of questions……..

  1. How does anyone know these are the two guys that were on that plane? If all we have is a forged passport picture (by those in authority) to go on?
  2. Who forged these pictures?
  3. Who authorized forging those pictures?
  4. Why did they forge those pictures?

Because I cannot think of a single acceptable excuse.

Suspect #3

The four Chinese guys that worked for Freescale Semiconductor…….. (so did another 16 more that were on this flight)……. but this particular four were virtually millionaires and would have been a week after this flight.

Freescale Semiconductor is owned by The Rothchilds…. and these particular four guys were to have a patent registered when they returned from China… the following week.

That patent was for a cloaking device that could have rendered planes and vehicles invisible. A military device!

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They were on 20% shares each…… with these four dying before the patent was registered…. means the sole survivor is actually the patent owner. Rothchild!

Suspect #4

It would seem to me that these guys would also have been carrying a lot of information of this device, and in the hands of another country would prove very useful to their armies.

For such a thing to happen you would undoubtedly need the co-operation of many existing players in this event plus a couple more (such as Interpol) to cement the proceedings.

Can you think of a country that would have no qualms about downing an airliner killing hundreds of people to get it?