BBC fools

Criticism of the BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) took its present form on 1 January 1927 when Sir John Reith became its first Director-General. Reith stated that impartiality and objectivity were the essence of professionalism in broadcasting.

Allegations that the corporation lacks impartial and objective journalism are regularly made by observers on both the left and the right of the political spectrum.

Another key area of criticism is the mandatory licence fee, as commercial competitors argue that means of financing to be unfair and to result in limiting their ability to compete with the BBC.

Also, accusations of waste or over-staffing occasionally prompt comments from politicians and the other media.

BBC U-turns in Last Night of the Proms row as it announces Rule Britannia WILL be sung

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So it seems the ‘Woke’ BBC has decided that it is best to listen to the British people on pretty obvious working practices…

When you are in the supply business…. the product that people want is the make or break…. as long as you understand it!

Like drugs really….. stimulate the market and then give a supply just less than which can be consumed and Viola you have a successful business

The Beeb however have not learned that old adage…… “Get Woke, Go Broke” or maybe they have.

How the History of Blackface Is Rooted in Racism  see more

But the Beeb thinks this is OK for creative diversity?

Black racism

Yet the Beeb thinks Whiteface has a place…………

A license that has been traditionally free they now want the aged to pay for

Important notice from the BBC about TV licences for people aged 75 or over

The key message is that if you are aged 75 or over and covered by a free TV licence expiring on 31 July 2020 [1], you do not have to do anything to stay properly licensed until we write to you. We will be sending letters from August. This General Notice applies in the UK only. see more

But of course if you are overseas its ok to watch it for free???

Here’s a list of the biggest earners at the BBC in 2018-19:

Gary Lineker – £1,750,000-£1,754,999

Match of the Day, Sports Personality of the Year and World Cup

2017/18 figure: £1,750,000-£1,759,999

Chris Evans – £1,250,000-£1,254,999

Evans left the BBC and began working for Virgin Radio in January. So his figure reflects nine months of work on the Radio 2 breakfast show before leaving in December, and not his full annual salary. see more

The Prime minister gets …………..

“How much does the prime minister get paid?” was a hot search topic when Theresa May moved into Number 10, according to Google.

The Prime Minister is paid £150,402 a year. This includes the basic salary for a member of parliament which is currently £74,962. It doesn’t factor in the value of the Prime Minister’s flat in Downing Street, or her other official residences. see more

Any idea why Gary Lineker should get paid more than the PM?

They also want all the public to pay for their extravagances in the form of a home tax!

“THE TV Licence fee could be replaced by a household tax, the BBC’s top boss has suggested as he prepares to step down.

BBC director-general Tony Hall, who steps down tomorrow, said the tax could be compulsory that requires richer people to pay more”. see more

What they really mean is that you are forced to pay it and the only way to default is not to pay your government tax, which means its then the government that has to take you to court!

BBC bias exposed as broadcaster ‘admits it’s a left-wing operation’ says radio host

BBC Newsnight has been labelled a “left-wing operation” after its host Emily Maitlis attacked Dominic Cummings on air which has sparked a debate on whether the broadcaster is biased. more here

We know its biased…………………

The BBC is increasingly left-wing and politically correct, and is not fit for purpose

How much longer are the people of this country going to be forced, through licence fees, to finance the BBC which continues to feed viewers unsatisfactory news and politics programmes. more here

My point is that if they BBC wishes to treat its customers to fees they do not want…… to shows and cultural affairs it does not want ……to a politically correct woke entertainment people do not want…….

Then the Beeb need to be denationalized and sold to a TV station that can broadcast what it wants!



Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

Why the internet’s most important law exists and how people are still getting it wrong

The author of a new book on Section 230 says it doesn’t matter if you’re a publisher or a platform…..see more…..

“To really understand Section 230, you have to go all the way back to the 1950s. There was a Los Angeles ordinance that said if you have obscene material in your store, you can be held criminally responsible. So a vice officer sees this erotic book that he believes is obscene. Eleazar Smith, who owns the store, is prosecuted, and he’s sentenced to 30 days in jail.

This goes all the way up to the Supreme Court, and what the Supreme Court says is that the Los Angeles ordinance is unconstitutional. There’s absolutely no way that a distributor like a bookstore could review every bit of content before they sell it. So if you’re a distributor, you’re going to be liable only if you knew, or should have known, that what you’re distributing is illegal.

I really like this piece….. It explains all was all working fine until the publishers like Twitter, YouTube,  and Facebook decided to become censors for what people write. Also publications like the Mail, Express or perhaps that extremely liberal very woke and absolutely biased Huffington Post………

Nothing bad in that you say, which I think all would agree but……. All of these sites I have been banned from more than once…… No profanity, no nastiness but I do not conform to what woke says I should be! I suppose you may call me traditional.

If you are going to sensor anything you must sensor everything…. that….is the fundamental point…….. either censor all or nothing….. but fairly!

All the woke sites have censored what is fundamentally Conservative sites and people banned on the basis of how many other complain (woke internet warriors)

Its true that sites like Infowars are extreme views…… but it it hate or freedom of speech? and if they should have all their material taken down what of……………

How about good ol’ Al Sharpton…… who has to be the epitome of racial hate! we still see him…who would argue he is the biggest agitator of all time?
Conservatives that have been banned…………………..
“The Masters of the Universe at Facebook have banned multiple conservative personalities from both Facebook and Instagram, including Infowars host Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos.”  See more
“Louis Farrakhan was notably also banned from the platforms at the same time.”
Who in all likelihood was banned as Facebook were summoned to go before congress to explain their bias. Their argument was it was the computer and its code….. all an accident!
Me??? I would say that any on line group of social media outlets that can change the course of an election (and they all can) by a simple word or two here and there  or a algorithm in the right place…………….needs to be disbanded.
They can all do it very subtly and before you know it democracy is robbed from all.
And then its too late!