Why oh why?

Why I would ask are we obsessed with blaming race for everything that happens in this world?

“Some see age-old playbook in new Tennessee protest law

Tennessee shocked civil rights advocates after Gov. Bill Lee signed a new law that increases penalties and fines for common protest activitiesMore here

This article by ABC News accuses Nashville. Tenn. of racial injustice But is it fair?

“Tennessee’s new law increases penalties, fines and jail time for a wide range of protest activities, from marching in the street to encouraging what police call riots. Displaying a weapon while “causing physical contact” with a first-responder in a provocative way is now a felony.”

A typical weapon used by protestors is a skate board…….. Very hard to prove it as being a weapon but an awesome weapon it is……. It has a handle both ends….. extremely hard to stop………

“Chicago Police Officer Brutally Beaten With Skateboard by Angry BLM Mob” .see more

Another weapon used by protestors is a crash helmet….. not only for protection but assault in an aggravated way…

Lasers are another weapon that can be used with remarkable effect see more  (This article I believe is more a how to for protestors)

Laser pointers aimed at surveillance cameras can temporarily flashblind the camera, or can damage the sensor. Much tha same as with your eye!

Police now have to protect against this……


Atlanta ‘Protesters’ Embedded Nails into Fireworks, Leaked FBI Document States see more


These are not toys….they are Bombs!

So when faced with the law.

Displaying a weapon while “causing physical contact” with a first-responder in a provocative way is now a felony.”

Makes this law more sensible, and why should first-responder not be protected after all they protect you.

This is not a case of race….. and the article to me is another example of race baiting …..

““When you think of two people who embody peaceful protests, who fought for the right to vote, who were abused and had their lives threatened … their actions would now result in the loss of voting rights,” Rose said.”

Given these weapons above…can you think of a more unfair and unreasonable statement than this in the article……. see here

Our first responsibility is to First-Responders not to terrorists……

If you want to use these weapons on anyone at any time of course it should be a felony……. It is not PEACFUL PROTEST!

What a Mistake to Make

Well well……. The Democratic National Convention drew a very limited audience and….. they now that being woke, letting cities burn, arresting those that are protecting their homes and property………….. Businesses that will never open again…..all took its toll.

Now they are really running scared as even Michele and O could not muster up a force from Marthas Vineyard! They dont have the pull anymore!

“There it is, the Democrats have had enough of the riots now, or at least popular thought leader of CNN, Don Lemon has had enough. He is nervous that the polls for the Democrats are tanking because of the riots, and he is calling on Democrat Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden to “make a speech” like Obama and talk about race and police reform.” see more………

Make a speech like Obama white privileged old guy ???? He will be lucky to find his shoes on the day!

Can you imagine??? Don Lemon sees the writing on the wall already and this is gonna hurt for the next for years………I can hardly wait to see this guys face as Trump gets his second term…….

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stunned members of the press Thursday; confirming she does not believe there should be “any debates” between Joe Biden and Donald Trump before the 2020 election.

“I don’t think there should be any debates. I don’t think the President of the United States has any association with truth, evidence, data, and facts. I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him, nor a debate in terms of the presidency,” said Pelosi.see more…..

And…of course we believe that is the reason??? right??? or could it be if there is a debate it will really turn their plans upside down when the people find that their candidate is a blubbering lot of incoherent rubbish…. Trump will LOVE to debate him…….

Now what on earth ould be the reason???….. well De funding the police …. or how about telling the police to stand down …….. prosecuting people that defend their homes in other words making the things every American wants and needs mean nothing at all in their crazy search to be back in the White House.

But its not working…… that surge in votes has gone south by comparison….

Just watch for a huge landslide victory for Trump…….. and Lemon??? he will be in the ladies room crying……… just you watch this space………….


It gets no worse than this

Posted on June 27, 2017 by Admin

White Privilege is a common cry now from Black groups that propagate in many Universities. The notion that whites are somehow more privileged than our counterparts in the black communities.

In order to facilitate this re writing of history, (where African blacks were the first to have slaves or indentured people) it was first necessary to blame all slavery on to whites.

From the ancient Egyptians at least, people were faced with being born and indeed dying at a site that would house a future dead leader was common, if not, a social acceptance. All these people were Black! Both slave and slaver!

Perhaps if we now fast forward a few hundred years and we get to the issue of African American slaves who were loaded on to white vessels by….. African Americans.  They were sold by their own who actively went to populated African areas to capture and then sell to the white slavers.

A downside to this arrangement was when they had exhausted all local victims, they too became the victims, being promptly chained to the boat as the last of possible supply in that area. It must have seemed poetic justice.

This is not to justify slavery at all, just to identify those that are complacent in this very bad period of human atrocities!

It is interesting to note that the term ‘Slave’ is taken from Slav and is indicative of the slavery of whites in places other than Africa, such as Ireland where slavery (of whites) continued well into the 19th century.

Up until the second world war indentured servitude was common throughout the UK…. Slavery!

This brief account of the fundamentals of Slavery is necessary when considered in the context that black activists would put the blame for all slavery firmly on the shoulders of whites. In doing so, allows them to also blame whites for any future upheaval in their lives as this next article clearly demonstrates.

An example of a powerful racism prevalent in this world and whites would do well to take notice!

Medusa Magazine 27/6/2017


Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion

In a progressive society, it is often white families that stand in the way of equality and justice. Systemic white supremacy depends, first and foremost, on the white family unit. When white conquerors forcefully penetrated the indigenous, egalitarian homeland of the Native peoples of America, they were quick to replicate their white societies, initiating their parasitism by establishing white plantations, headed by white fathers, submissive white mothers, and, most critically, white children, with full dominion over the enslaved and oppressed people of color that were forced to uphold these micro-fiefdoms.

It is no surprise, then, that America’s fascination with the white family unit has gone hand-in-hand with the historical proliferation of white supremacy. After Bacon’s Rebellion, white micro-fieftans thought it necessary to expand the definition of white family to encompass the entirety of white society, so as to coerce the working class to fight amongst itself based on racial lines. Whites are embedded from birth with the sense of common white identity, and this identity conditions them to replicate the white family unit, thus furthering the cycle of white supremacy in America. That is why the white family unit must be destroyed.

In 1973, the Supreme Court, consisting entirely of men, eight of whom were white, ruled that the termination of pregnancy was constitutional up until the third trimester. For decades, progressives have championed this decision as a victory for the cause of women’s rights. However, it is time we challenge this problematic notion.

First of all, it is critical to understand that the appeal to abortions being “Constitutional” reinforces white supremacy. There is no way around it. The Constitution was drafted and signed by white men, for white men. Slavery was Constitutional. The “right” to terrorize citizens through the bearing of arms is Constitutional. So-called “due process,” in which white juries condone the murder of innocent black men, is a Constitutional process. Being Constitutional does not make something progressive or innately valuable. In fact, Constitutionality is often synonymous with “exclusively beneficial to the white race.”

Second, the notion of “choice” in abortion is inherently white supremacist and ableist. Women of color do not often have the same privilege to choose termination as do white women. For social, religious, economic, and ethical reasons, women of color may experience roadblocks on the path to body autonomy that white women would never be forced to confront due to their privilege of being born in a white supremacist society that continually looks out for their needs. Under present circumstances, women of color simply do not have the absolute choice when it comes to their bodies. It is time to stop pretending that they stand on equal footing with white women, when it has been proven that the embedded systems of white supremacy do not act impartially to all women. Because white supremacy prevents women of color from their freedom to choose, we must level the playing field by other means.

White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children. Women of color are in need of financial and humanitarian resources. As this white supremacist society continues to imprison black fathers, women of color are forced to stand alone in their plight to raise the next generation of Americans. White women: instead of devoting your time and energy to white children who will reinforce the struggles of women of color, how about asking women of color in what ways you can assist them in their self-liberation? How about adopting children of color who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged?

Of course, the best choice is to act preventatively to ensure that white children are not at risk of being born. But in circumstances in which termination and generation are the options, it is best to take advantage of your right to choose, and abort in favor of assisting women of color.


I have never in my whole life read anything quite as bad as this suggestion from the incredibly racist blacks. How it is not illegal to spew such hate I have no idea!

Explained here……………

The strides that have been made toward equality are shadowed in the false narrative of so called white slavery and being exploited to a huge extent by even left wing liberal whites that, if doing just a little research, can nullify such extreme claims.

I personally feel incredibly fearful for a world that not only tolerates this type of rhetoric in a publication, but actually enforces it through political propaganda and selective teaching in Universities, and fully supported by many young whites.

Our collective future does not look good!