FbI goes for Antifa

Communists Go Into Hiding and Portland Goes Eerily Silent As FBI Zeroes in on Antifa

Its seems Portland has had its first quiet night in 93 days……………….read more

“Ngo reports that for the first time in 93-days, there has not been a violent riot or protest in Portland.

He says “something is off,” and attributes the sudden silence to the fact that Portland FBI is stepping up their investigations into the communist group.

Here’s what he said: “It looks like there was no late-night violent protest or riot in Portland for the first time in 93 days. Something is off. Antifa wouldn’t just stop. Could it because they’re terrified after hearing that @FBIPortland is stepping up its investigations?”

Potland FBI

These guys have become social aggravating misfits for weeks….. and now they go home…. just when a real fight shows up????

Lets see what happens this weekend…. should be interesting!!!

2 Black Lives Matter demonstrators are facing life in prison. Experts say the ‘deeply disturbing’ potential sentences are an ‘unprecedented’ form of government overreach.

This is best news of the day for me……… the bleeding heart of the Black Lives Matter movement that thinks these two social misfits have been over charged……… Here