Is a Coup Possible in the USA?

We have heard Hillary tell us what Joe should be doing and a very worrying trend emerges!

The problem here is what…exactly does she mean by “Any Circumstances”?

After all a win by having more votes is a win??? isn’t it?? Or does she mean something more ominous?

An article in The American Mind is so good I had to put it in in its entirety …… food for thought and well worth Reading.


The Coming Coup?

Michael Anton



Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes.

As if 2020 were not insane enough already, we now have Democrats and their ruling class masters openly talking about staging a coup. You might have missed it, what with the riots, lockdowns and other daily mayhem we’re forced to endure in this, the most wretched year of my lifetime. But it’s happening.

It started with the military brass quietly indicating that the troops should not follow a presidential order. They were bolstered by many former generals—including President Trump’s own first Secretary of Defense—who stated openly what the brass would only hint at. Then, as nationwide riots really got rolling in early June, the sitting Secretary of Defense himself all but publicly told the president not to invoke the Insurrection Act. His implicit message was: “Mr. President, don’t tell us to do that, because we won’t, and you know what happens after that.”

All this enthused Joe Biden, who threw subtlety to the winds. The former United States Senator (for 26 years) and Vice President (for eight) has not once, not twice, but thrice confidently asserted that the military will “escort [Trump] from the White House with great dispatch” should the president refuse to leave. Another former Vice President, Al Gore, publicly agreed.

One might dismiss such comments as the ravings of a dementia patient and a has-been who never got over his own electoral loss. But before you do, consider also this. Over the summer a story was deliberately leaked to the press of a meeting at which 100 Democratic grandees, anti-Trump former Republicans, and other ruling class apparatchiks got together (on George Soros’s dime) to “game out” various outcomes of the 2020 election. One such outcome was a clear Trump win. In that eventuality, former Bill Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, playing Biden, refused to concede, pressured states that Trump won to send Democrats to the formal Electoral College vote, and trusted that the military would take care of the rest.

The leaked report from the exercise darkly concluded that “technocratic solutions, courts, and reliance on elites observing norms are not the answer here,” promising that what would follow the November election would be “a street fight, not a legal battle.”

Two more data points (among several that could be provided). Over the summer, two former Army officers, both prominent in the Democrat-aligned “national security” think tank world, wrote an open letter to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in which they urged him to deploy the 82nd Airborne Division to drag President Trump from the Oval Office at precisely 12:01 PM, January 20, 2021.

About a month later, Hillary Clinton declared publicly that Joe Biden should not concede the election “under any circumstances.” The old English major in me interprets the word “any” to mean “no,” “none,” “nada,” “niente,” “zero,” “zilch” “bupkis”…you get the idea.

This doesn’t sound like the rhetoric of a political party confident it will win an upcoming election.

The Cover-Up in Plain Sight

These items are, to repeat, merely a short but representative list of what Byron York recently labeled “coup porn.” York seems to think this is just harmless fantasizing on the part of the ruling class and its Democratic servants. For some of them, no doubt that’s true. But for all of them? I’m not so sure.

In his famously exhaustive discussion of conspiracies, Machiavelli goes out of his way to emphasize the indispensability of “operational security”—i.e., silence—to success. The first rule of conspiracy is, you do not talk about the conspiracy. The second rule of conspiracy is, you do not talk about the conspiracy.

So why are the Democrats—publicly—talking about the conspiracy?

Because they know that, for it to succeed, it must not look like a conspiracy. They need to plant the idea in the public mind, now, that their unlawful and illegitimate removal of President Trump from office will somehow be his fault.

Never mind the pesky detail that the president would refuse to leave only if he were convinced he legitimately won. Remember: Biden should not concede under any circumstances.

The second part of the plan is either to produce enough harvested ballots—lawfully or not—to tip close states, or else dispute the results in close states and insist, no matter what the tally says, that Biden won them. The worst-case scenario (for the country, but not for the ruling class) would be results in a handful of states that are so ambiguous and hotly disputed that no one can rightly say who won. Of course, that will not stop the Democrats from insisting that they won.

The public preparation for that has also already begun: streams of stories and social media posts “explaining” how, while on election night it might look as if Trump won, close states will tip to Biden as all the mail-in ballots are “counted.”

The third piece is to get the vast and loud Dem-Left propaganda machine ready for war. That leaked report exhorted Democrats to identify “key influencers in the media and among local activists who can affect political perceptions and mobilize political action…[who could] establish pre-commitments to playing a constructive role in event of a contested election.” I.e., in blaring from every rooftop that “Trump lost.”

At this point, it’s safe to assume that unless Trump wins in a blowout that can’t be overcome by cheating and/or denied via the ruling class’s massive propaganda operation, that’s exactly what every Democratic politician and media organ will shout.

Stop the Presses

What then? The Podesta assumption is that the military will side with the Dems. There are reasons to fear they might. The Obama administration spent a great deal of political capital purging the officer corps of anyone not down with the program and promoting only those who are.

Still and all, determining the outcome of an election would be the most open political interference possible from our allegedly apolitical military, and it’s plausible that the brass won’t want to make its quiet support of the ruling class agenda that overt. The aforementioned Chairman has already stated that the military will play “no role” in the outcome of the election. That’s probably not a feint, but one wonders if it will hold given the obvious attempt to influence military thinking by people like Jeffrey Goldberg in his recent Atlantic essay.

Can the Dems rely on the Secret Service to drag Trump out? I have my doubts on this one. I’ve seen the Service up close; it really is (or strongly appears to be) apolitical. It has a job to do: protect the president, whoever that is. Officers take that job very seriously. If they don’t believe Trump lost, I don’t think they can be counted on to oust him. On the other hand, were they to believe he did lose and was refusing to leave—a scenario I find impossible to imagine but the Democrats insist is just around the corner—it’s possible the Service might act.

Barring all that, what’s left? Remember that phrase from the Dem war game: “street fight.” In other words, a repeat of this summer, only much, much bigger. Crank the propaganda to ear-drum shattering decibels and fill the streets of every major city with “protesters.” Shut down the country and allow only one message to be heard: “Trump must go.”

I.e., what’s come to be known as a “color revolution,” the exact same playbook the American deep state runs in other countries whose leadership they don’t like and is currently running in Belarus. Oust a leader—even an elected one—through agitation and call it “democracy.”

The events of the last few months may be interpreted as an attempted color revolution that failed to gain enough steam, or as a trial run for the fall. Is the Trump Administration prepared?

Here’s one thing they could do: play their own “war game” scenario so as to game out possibilities and minimize surprises. They should also be talking to people inside and outside of government whom they absolutely trust to get a clearer sense of who on the inside won’t go along with a coup and who might.

They also need to set up or shore up—now—communication channels that don’t rely on the media or Big Tech. Once the ruling class gives word that the narrative is “Trump lost,” all the president’s social media accounts will be suspended. The T.V. channels, with the likely exception of Fox News, will refuse to cover anything he says. Count on it. He’s going to need a way to talk to the American people and he has to find the means, now.

For the rest of us, the most important thing we can do is raise awareness. If there is a conspiracy to remove President Trump from office even if he wins, they’re telling you about it precisely to get you ready for it, so that when it happens you won’t think it was a conspiracy; you’ll blame the president.

Don’t be fooled. Full article here……… Very scary!

Michael Anton is a lecturer and research fellow at Hillsdale College’s Washington, D.C. campus, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and a former national security official in the Trump administration. He is the author of The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return.

Oops we made an error

I don’t really know what you have been watching this last week…. but something has changed and changed remarkably……..

Take this from Don Lemon………

What I understood from that that either there is a disconnect (your stupid) or its your fault people…………… (and Mike Tyson is honest and truthful!)

In this second clip we again have the stooge Cuomo playing dummy for Don Lemon again where because they are losing votes like crazy…. Lemon starts to say that the violence has to stop because they are losing too many votes.

The rioting has to stop………… we are getting killed in the polls, blacks don’t want the police de-funded……… probably cos they are getting killed by blacks not crackers!



What about Anderson???

In this interview Jason Blakes father is actually asked if his son had a knife….. was fighting with police and put an officer in a headlock …….which is something Anderson NEVER asks…………

What the heck does Brussels Sprouts have to do with it……?????

So what do we actually see????? these so called news guys that have ratings going through the floor have suddenly don an about turn……

Probably cos they were moved by Trumps speech???? naw….. they have just seen that they will die in the up and coming Presidential election……

31 Aug update

Pollster: Biden denounces Kenosha violence after campaign ‘misjudged how important it was to the American people’

Another U turn……. its starting to set in just how much damage the Democrats are doing to their cause.

NY Times, Axios and Politico published stories warning Kenosha violence could push voters to GOP

“I think it’s important that we take note of this shift on the violence, because it’s really really important to the American people, and I think that his campaign might have misjudged how important it was to the American people and what it meant,” Carter said.

Until now, Democrats shared the sentiment that “if you were concerned about violence, if you’re concerned about law and order, that also meant that you did not support Black Lives Matter,” Carter said.….see more….

And from the fool

CNN’s Don Lemon says Kenosha violence hurts Democrats: ‘The rioting has to stop’

Too little too late I think!

Nazi Tactics

This is so relevant it needs reproducing in full.

The Nazi tactics of the BLM and Antifa mob


In the 1930s, the Nazis had no problem identifying those they deemed culturally and racially degenerate or political enemies of the state.  After the Nuremburg Laws of 1935 went into effect, German Jews were considered public enemy number one, and in the ensuing years, street mobs, organized by the Brown Shirt secret police, vandalized Jewish businesses and homes.

“Jews not welcome” was common street front graffiti.  Jews were forced to register where they lived and worked, their ID cards were stamped with a “J,” and eventually they were forced to sew yellow stars on their lapels or wear arm bands to make them easier targets for public ridicule and ultimately to make them easily identifiable to be rounded up for the Final Solution.

Today, the BLM and Antifa mobs use similar identification measures to target their public enemies, but in something of a reverse tactic.  In the immediate aftermath of the death of George Floyd, many shops and homes displayed signs that supported BLM and the protestors.  Now that several weeks have passed, however, and destructive riots continue to rage across American cities, and the acronym BLM has become a widespread visible phenomenon seen posted in the windows of almost every street front business and home in American cities.  But do these signs really convey genuine support, or is there an alternative motive?

What began as passionate graffiti and banners in solidarity against an unjust killing are now just impassionate loose-leaf sheets of paper with the letters BLM printed or magic-markered across its page.  These signs not longer carry the sincerity of we want justice, as it has become an identifying mark that signals to the anarchic mob please don’t vandalize me.  The signs have become something of a corrupt, sacrilegious Passover Blood on homes and commercial business.  If the letters BLM are visibly posted somewhere on your street front window, the angry mob just might consider leaving you alone as they parade down through your neighborhood breaking windows and vandalizing along the way.

And the vandalism does not stop at the physical storefront.  Businesses large and small, and people both public and private, are all under pressure to adjust their websites and social media content to display such signs and symbols — empty black pages, hashtags of BLM, anything that features a person of color — in the hope that their online presence will not face public ridicule.


In a normal society these identifying symbols would not be necessary. Smashing windows, vandalizing, and looting are all inherently against the law.  In a normal society the law-enforcement body would be allowed to enforce these laws and prohibit such widespread destruction.  But in a society where this law-enforcement body had been told to stand down, hanging signs in the street fronts windows of shops, restaurants, and private homes asking the mob please don’t vandalize me might be the new normal.

So what does it mean if you do not hang a BLM sign in your window?  The mob automatically reads the absence of any signage or graffiti as we are not on your side.  You are immediately identified as a hate-filled racist, bigot, and conservative, and most assuredly the mob will not pass you over.  The BLM and Antifa mobs today have advanced since their Nazi predecessors in 1934.  They do not need to issue identifying marks to target their public enemies; they have instead issued their proclamation that ‘Silence is Violence’ therefore damning as their enemy any quiet, mind-your-own-business, good-natured, hard-working shop owner or home owner who not posted a sheet of paper in their window, or quite simply just doesn’t want to.

But where silence is just not enough for this bloodthirsty mob, they have resorted to creating their own unique identifying signs and symbols.  No, the golden Star of David has not made a come back, yet.  (Although it is scary to think it might.)  And far-left liberal governors and mayors, the same who have told their police departments to stand down and allowed the mob to pillage their cities, have not yet mandated conservatives to register their homes and business as such, or identify themselves with patches of red elephants on their lapels (although that might not be too far-fetched either.)  No, the mob has created their own signs and symbols to easily identify their victims such as the number “45” representing the 45th president Donald Trump.  This has been spray-painted and graffitied next to cars, homes, and on streets to identify for the free-roaming mob the location of a conservative, a Trump supporter, or even just someone they personally don’t like.  This “45” indicates the next victim of pillage and destruction, and not too far-fetched to think that it could soon indicate the next victim of murder.

Come November, however, even this “45” sign will be necessary for the mob.

Hopefully during the November election, we will all head out to the polls and vote for our next president.  And just as the Brown Shirts taunted the last polls of the Weimar Republic in the 1930s, you can count on BLM and Antifa following in their predecessor’s footsteps, taunting the American polls in 2020.  BLM and Antifa want action on the street, they are craving to meet their public enemy on the street — just look at the past few weeks of non-stop vandalism and violence across American cities.

The mob wants people to get out on the street and go to their polling center.  There will be no need to spray paint “45” or require people to wear political identifying signs and patches because BLM and Antifa will know who their public enemy number one as they wait, club and chains in hand, outside the local polling centers ready to ask who: “Who are you voting for?”  This, too, is not far-fetched. Now that Democratic mayors and governors have given the violent mobs a taste of control they will be back in November, and in greater force, craving even more control.  And the question every peace-loving, democracy-loving, and good-natured American must be asking now is, will we allow this to happen. see the article

And if you refuse there is always Public Ritual Shaming

Lets talk Kamala Harris

So has Biden made the correct choice or…has he taken on more baggage?

Just what can you realistically expect from the potential Vice president!

Kamala Harris shamed by Jamaican father over pot-smoking joke

Kamala Harris made headlines last week when she joked in a radio interview that of course she smoked marijuana in her younger years: “Half my family’s from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?” see more

Kamala Harris vows to take executive action on guns if elected president………..

“Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws and if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action and specifically what I would do is put in a requirement for anyone who sells more than five guns a year, they are required to do background checks when they sell those guns,” she said Monday. “I will require for any gun dealer that breaks the law, the ATF take their license.” see more

So I guess all those bad guys will give up their weapons too.!!

Fact Check: Kamala Harris Exaggerates Her History on Busing

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) enjoyed a standout moment in the second night of the 2020 Democratic presidential debate on Thursday when she attacked former Vice President Joe Biden on the issue of federal mandated busing to racially integrate schools. Harris repeated a powerful talking point about why the issue is personal for her, with the memorable tagline: “That little girl was me

The only problem? She has consistently exaggerated the story, at one point making the claim that if she hadn’t attended an integrated elementary school, she wouldn’t have become a U.S. senator. In that standout debate performance, she overstated the claim on busing.

Why some African Americans are questioning Kamala Harris’s blackness.

You gotta be an American black American…. apparently some blacks dont count.

During the Democratic presidential debate, Donald Trump Jr. shared a viral tweet that questions Sen. Kamala D. Harris’s (D-Calif.) ability to address issues of importance to black Americans because she is the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant.

The tweet — which some suspect is from a bot targeting black voters — read: “Kamala Harris is *not* an American Black. She is half Indian and half Jamaican. I’m so sick of people robbing American Blacks (like myself) of our history. It’s disgusting. Now using it for debate time at #DemDebate2? These are my people not her people. Freaking disgusting.”

This is not the first time Harris, who hopes to become America’s first black female president, has had to answer questions about the “legitimacy” of her “blackness.” Below is a post I wrote in February that’s relevant again…see more


Did Kamala Harris Have an Extramarital Affair with Willie Brown That Boosted Her Career?

Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris had an extramarital affair with former San Francisco Mayor and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, who gave her two political appointments that launched her political career.

Harris did date former San Francisco Mayor and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown for a period of time between 1994 to 1995. In his capacity as speaker, Brown appointed her to two political posts — first to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, and then to the Medical Assistance Commission.

willy kamala

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top…..

Some feminist she is. She slept her way to the top and now it’s out. It’s actually not the first time it’s been out, but since it’s coming out now so early in the campaign, perhaps it was an inoculation shot, the way that candidate Donald Trump’s team must have released the Melania Trump nude modelling shots to the New York Post to make it ‘old news’ so as to assure it would not become a campaign issue the day before the election. Kinda sexist eh….. see more

When Kamala Harris was ‘extraordinarily nasty’ to Brett Kavanaugh

Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?” Harris asked at one point. see more….

Given her relationship with Willy…. I wonder which part she is referring to?

Kamala Harris: It’s “fantastic” that Ocasio-Cortez proposed a 70% marginal tax rate on the highest earners

Anyway, this clip is as interesting for what isn’t said as what is. It’s true that Harris calls it “fantastic” that AOC floated a big tax hike on the rich — but she never quite gets around to endorsing it, despite the fact that she’ll be running to the left in the 2020 primaries. What she’s trying to do here is simply flatter Ocasio-Cortez, knowing that progressives will appreciate it and hoping that it puts her in contention for AOC’s endorsement.

see more…………………….

Did Kamala Harris Say She ‘Believes’ Joe Biden’s Accusers?

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris has said she believes women who have accused former Vice President Joe Biden of various offenses, ranging from inappropriate touching to rape.      see more

Regardless of what we think…. the certainty is Trump is gonna make the pair of these suffer ….and suffer badly!

What a Mistake to Make

Well well……. The Democratic National Convention drew a very limited audience and….. they now that being woke, letting cities burn, arresting those that are protecting their homes and property………….. Businesses that will never open again…..all took its toll.

Now they are really running scared as even Michele and O could not muster up a force from Marthas Vineyard! They dont have the pull anymore!

“There it is, the Democrats have had enough of the riots now, or at least popular thought leader of CNN, Don Lemon has had enough. He is nervous that the polls for the Democrats are tanking because of the riots, and he is calling on Democrat Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden to “make a speech” like Obama and talk about race and police reform.” see more………

Make a speech like Obama white privileged old guy ???? He will be lucky to find his shoes on the day!

Can you imagine??? Don Lemon sees the writing on the wall already and this is gonna hurt for the next for years………I can hardly wait to see this guys face as Trump gets his second term…….

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stunned members of the press Thursday; confirming she does not believe there should be “any debates” between Joe Biden and Donald Trump before the 2020 election.

“I don’t think there should be any debates. I don’t think the President of the United States has any association with truth, evidence, data, and facts. I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him, nor a debate in terms of the presidency,” said Pelosi.see more…..

And…of course we believe that is the reason??? right??? or could it be if there is a debate it will really turn their plans upside down when the people find that their candidate is a blubbering lot of incoherent rubbish…. Trump will LOVE to debate him…….

Now what on earth ould be the reason???….. well De funding the police …. or how about telling the police to stand down …….. prosecuting people that defend their homes in other words making the things every American wants and needs mean nothing at all in their crazy search to be back in the White House.

But its not working…… that surge in votes has gone south by comparison….

Just watch for a huge landslide victory for Trump…….. and Lemon??? he will be in the ladies room crying……… just you watch this space………….


The fix is in….

So Biden tells us what a wonderful world we live in and Tucker explains…..

“After three tries, more than three decades of attempting it, Joe Biden  finally got his party’s nomination. A year ago, virtually no one would have predicted this moment. For most of the long primary season, Biden floundered near the bottom of a crowded field. He got so few votes in New Hampshire he didn’t even bother with a concession speech. He fled the state on a late night charter flight and tried to pretend it never happened.

In the end, Biden won anyway, the last kid picked for kickball somehow wound up captain of the team. So, no matter what you think of him, that is an undeniable achievement. And yet still, even now, very few people take Joe Biden seriously. Why is that?”…. more

Well…. Tucker is right!…. at the end of his road, does not care to look at anything more than bright and beautiful………pretty flowers….. nice sunrises…… talk to the trees etc…

So why would the DNC put a guy in that has questionable mental issues, for THE President of these United States that may well already have Alzheimer’s disease?

Again Tucker is right…. they want someone who does not have the ability to be difficult or aggressive that will agree………… to anything he is told!

But he comes with a huge amount of baggage…………….

For instance would you pick someone who ………………… did this on live TV?

Joe Biden Swears In New Defense Secretary Ashton Carter
WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 17: Ashton Carter (R) makes remarks after he was sworn in as U.S. Secretary of Defense as his wife Stephanie (2nd L) Vice President Joe Biden (L) listen February 17, 2015 in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC. Carter has become the 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Is this OK in this day and age?? and what??….. just what…… is the excuse for this nasty performance……………………………..

Just what on earth is Biden thinking touching people that way? or anyone’s child? Just what were the parents thinking allowing it to happen?

This is one of the most uncomfortable images you will ever see of Creepy Joe……….. and not what you would vote in as president…..

Jeff Sessions actually has to hit Biden’s hand away……………………

And…. I am pretty sure that your ever loving left wing YouTube will somehow lose these videos………..

Is the performance in ANY of these videos a way for ANY of the female members of YOUR family to be treated? Is it acceptable to YOU?

Where are the protests? the women’s movements….

So I do not believe it will be acceptable to most Americans…… But the DNC will try to get him elected and then keep him sedated……

So if Biden cannot rule…. (but can get voted in with DNC help) what is the deal?

Fact is the DNC does not want Biden.

Its convenient he can be manipulated and is losing his mind……………

Lets face it no one in THEIR right mind can want to put this senile old white man in charge of nuclear weapons???…… he will lose track one day and say “I wonder what this bright shiny red button is for?”

What they really want is a black female that they KNOW would never be elected……..Kamala and Nancy Pelosi is even trying to stop a presidential debate….. which is not gonna turn out well…if it happens.

Kamala would never be the president…… so they make her vice to a guy that will shortly forget how to get home. She is not even a African American….. her ancestry is Indian. He gets put out to pasture (perhaps even before November!) and she becomes the first black woman Presidential Nominee …..and life support or whatever else it takes to make her President!

The guy I feel sorry for is Berni Sanders….. a popular guy that can debate and has all his faculties in line that was persuaded to stand down for Hillary….. and then again to stand down for Biden………. because he is not their man he has been robbed of the possible Presidency …..twice…

They have it all worked out!………………

The Fix is in……………So watch this space………..

Update Oct 12 2020

Trump has it nailed already when he says ……………………………..” President Trump hinted that the bill’s real purpose was to make it simpler for Democrats to shove Joe Biden aside, should he win in November, and replace him with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. ” Which is exactly what they are doing!