Will the Economy Collapse

Many people are warning that the USA (or any other governments for that matter) cannot sustain the current spending.

Ever since President Richard M. Nixon announced fifty years ago, on August 15, 1971, that the U.S. would no longer officially trade dollars for gold, we have been enjoying a new era of human…

A gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity of gold.The gold standard was widely used in the 19th and early part of the 20th century. Most nations abandoned the gold standard as the basis of their monetary systems at some point in the 20th century, although many still hold substantial gold reserves.

Today we have huge debt since 1971…..and its rising at an astounding rate…..


Our dollar is losing its value at an ever increasing rate, and, the question has to be asked if it can stay solvent… and…maybe the answer is yes…..but what if the answer is no?

Lets take a look at the basic survival strategy of people should they lose their jobs, their power, water, and homes with no help from the governments………..

Collapse of the economy

In order to consider what to do in the collapse of the economy perhaps we need to consider the Pro’s and Con’s of each option that are available to us.

With Covid closing down so many businesses in so many countries the possibility of social and monetary collapse is more real today than it ever has been…………………..


The logic that the government will come to your aid is probably likely to be your very first mistake. No single person can cause a collapse….. but continual and successive governments must bear the responsibility! In recent memory we have actually seen first hand that governments are simply not prepared, organized or indeed interested in coming to your aid.

They have a get out of jail card that says Act of God or Plausible Deniability even though most governments are instrumental in the very problematic finance situations that will lead to this. The cause of any collapse of any economy rests on the fiscal capabilities of the governments controlling, manipulating, and milking the system, and, given that have no interest in coming to your aid as there is absolutely nothing in it for them.


Don’t kid yourself……………

The idea that you can have a stash of goodies in your home is not really realistic. The absolute best option is a bug out bunker …but…. one that is far from prying eyes…preferably in the wilderness……. gives the most chance. The less exposure to any other people the better.

When they pour gas over that steel container in your back yard …you will come out..believe me!


Location, location, location.

Your location will be the most instrumental in your survival. In the early stages there will be many opportunities for a temporary reprieve….. In the bigger cities with foods and water close at hand, but will soon evaporate as the bigger population soon exasperate those sources.

As the infrastructure collapses each night will see escalating violence as supplies become more and more rare. To walk the streets will be a minefield of ambush. In a few short weeks this will become a daytime occurrence when it is seen that there will be no government response and no law enforcement anywhere.

In fact …..the inevitable groups that would take over from government would have first street experience already on how to survive…. Roaming the streets as a pack and having extreme loyalty to each other for their collective good, (which will not include you). Mobs cannot be reasoned with and by definition and numbers will rule easily having final say and final immediate judgment.

We need to first establish what we are capable of doing so I have put together a list of what I believe the first and foremost things that are necessary.

If you’re in the city you have to go rural……… it’s the only way. unless you are single where staying in the city may have possibilities of joining a bigger group where feelings wont matter and the strongest will rule. Unless you have something to give to the group or its leaders you will not survive, and , the lower down the violent hierarchy you are the smaller the crumbs falling from the table will be.


Without food you go nowhere and will last only weeks.

A good supply of food is paramount but is only any value for the initial closure of supplies! Basically if you have extended stores someone will find about them, and they will come and take them. Unless you can defend those stores there is no point in having them! The bigger your store the more are needed to defend and the faster they will deplete!

That supply has to come in the form of hunting or growing! Perhaps even foraging! A regular source is a better option……. Fishing tackle, traps, small arms.


Without fresh water you will last days not weeks

Unlike food as long as you are available to get some water somehow you can live…… such as sea water….. you can distill enough for you to survive on a daily basis, and stills you can make. You can also get emergency distilleries that can double for alcohol distillers which can be bartered too.

Solar stills and or condensation can make enough water to live on …….


Weapons are a must to defend

The type of weapon needs to be selected for your use, guns need bullets which are not readily accessible sometimes….. but can be made. But easy to make pipe bombs, bows , arrows hacking devices can be built from almost anything. Even tasers are easily possible if you have rechargeable batteries.


You need to be able to move around

To be able to move to forage for food water and materials that cannot be found locally is an absolute must. Bicycles will take you hundreds of miles slowly and will cost valuable energy.  Sail boats will take you thousands of mile and are unique, Solar powered vehicles are now very popular and when coupled with rolled up solar panels can be useful…etc…. because gas will not be there!

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the United States. An estimated 1,833 people died in the hurricane and the flooding that followed in late August 2005, and millions of others were left homeless along the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans.

The criticisms of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina primarily consisted of criticism of mismanagement and lack of leadership in the relief efforts in response to the storm and its aftermath. More specifically, the criticism focused on the delayed response to the flooding of New Orleans, and the subsequent state of chaos in the city.

 Within days of Katrina’s August 29 landfall, public debate arose about the local, state and federal governments’ role in the preparations for and response to the hurricane. Criticism was initially prompted by televised images of visibly shaken and frustrated political leaders, and of residents who remained stranded by flood waters without water, food, or shelter. Deaths from thirst, exhaustion and violence days after the storm had passed fueled the criticism, as did the dilemma of the evacuees at facilities such as the Louisiana Superdome and the New Orleans Civic Center. Some alleged that race, class, and other factors could have contributed to delays in government response.

Anything you have…. others will take if they possibly can….. and if you cannot defend you simply have to stand by and watch.

Collective Defense

If you cannot defend yourself you will not survive

You cannot defend on your own…. Its simply not possible……. But many around you will have the same problem with the key being to support each other. The single reason that tribes existed is for each to support the group as a whole in some way.

Communes, Religious groups, Hamish, Really big families probably have the best chance of survival, but, are unlikely to allow you to join no matter how much they sympathize with your circumstance!

A  local militia that can collectively protect each other has to be established. Like minded people that understand the benefits of sticking together can be quickly organized. Utilizing expertise is so much better than going alone as you can each be support to the other. If you have someone with medical training in a group, perhaps another with mechanical training etc.

Groups will also protect those near to you when you are absent or your supplies and equipment…. You cannot be everywhere at once, and, you may have to go a great distance to forage. That is the time you will lose your stores.


Without medicine life becomes very uncomfortable indeed.

Even the most basic medicines increase your chances considerably, particularly those that do not need extreme storage conditions. Aspirin, ointments and antiseptics are the types of things that prevent a small bit of damage becoming a major issue. Things like repellents would become very valuable indeed. Simple things like Vaseline, Aspirin, are great barter tools.


Bartering was here long before money

Being able to barter something that you don’t need for something that you do is fundamental and almost all of the items mentioned here can be bartered in some way. People fairly traded for thousands of years and if done in the confines of a group is so much safer.

Outside a group is risky because you have to do it away from your home…… and if they find out where you live……… be prepared for a visit.


Trust is difficult

To trust strangers in extreme conditions is not recommended….. if people are on the move there is a reason for it…… and most of those reasons are not good………. Better to stay away from those you do not know…..you will have no friends in the normal sense….. just acquaintances that are trying to stay alive like you!

This is just another speculative look at the Collapse of the Economy which could not possibly happen….Right?

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