Assange….Villain or Hero?

This is the video that got Assange in such a predicament but he believed it to be of sufficient importance………………

In Stockholm Sweden Julian was accused of rape by two women.

Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, said in a tweet that the focus should now move onto the “threat” that Assange has been “warning about for years: the belligerent prosecution of the United States and the threat it poses to the First Amendment.”

It is clear that the US was trying to use its extradition treaties to get their hands on Assange.

So what happened?????? on 11 August 2010?

Anna Ardin was one of the accusers……

Meet Anna Ardin, the political secretary and press officer of the Swedish “Brotherhood Movement,” a group of Christians from the Social Democratic Party controversial for inviting anti-Semitic speakers to the country. Another of their invited speakers: Assange, who lectured on the group’s behalf in Stockholm this month right before he was hit with sex charges from two different women, charges ultimately dismissed by Swedish police and derided by Assange as “dirty tricks.” Ardin appears to have helped coordinate Assange’s travel around the country; in addition to arranging the Stockholm event, she reportedly tried to arrange places for Assange to stay through her Twitter account (she has apparently since deleted the tweets and has locked her WordPress blog). read more

Sofia Wilen was the other…

The Times of India details the sequence of events…… Here

It seems trhat both women were boasting of bringing down the Wikeleaks head.

7 Steps to Legal Revenge by Anna Ardin
Step 1
Consider very carefully if you really must take revenge.
It is almost always better to forgive than to avenge . . .
Step 2
Think about why you want revenge. You need to be clear about who to take revenge on, as well as why. Revenge is never directed against only one person, but also the actions of the person.
Step 3
The principle of proportionality.
Remember that revenge will not only match the deed in size but also in nature.
A good revenge is linked to what has been done against you.
For example if you want revenge on someone who cheated or who dumped you, you should use a punishment with dating/sex/fidelity involved.
Step 4
Do a brainstorm of appropriate measures for the category of revenge you’re after. To continue the example above, you can sabotage your victim’s current relationship, such as getting his new partner to be unfaithful or ensure that he gets a madman after him.
Use your imagination!
Step 5
Figure out how you can systematically take revenge.
Send your victim a series of letters and photographs that make your victim’s new partner believe that you are still together which is better than to tell just one big lie on one single occasion
Step 6
Rank your systematic revenge schemes from low to high in terms of likely success, required input from you, and degree of satisfaction when you succeed.
The ideal, of course, is a revenge as strong as possible but this requires a lot of hard work and effort for it to turn out exactly as you want it to.
Step 7
Get to work.
And remember what your goals are while you are operating, ensure that your victim will suffer the same way as he made you suffer.

See more

To me I lose so much sympathy for any women that has been offended if she has already written on what to do if she feels she has been taken advantage of…….. when Assange slept with Wilen?

Regardless of if she has any U.S. government connections, she certainly destroyed Assange’s life with her revenge plot. If Julian dies in jail, she has his blood on her hands. I hope she is satisfied.

The next point is if he’d sexually harassed her or raped her, why did she sleep in the same bed with him for 5 days after, continue to have sex with him, and throw him a party?

More details at See also on Julian Assange health status at “What about the health-status of Mr Assange?” in Analysis: Trump, WikiLeaks, Assange and Sweden, and “HR lawyer Jennifer Robinson: Assange going through Swe interrogation amid deteriorated health“.

Assange interview…….Here

What is the important part is did the CIA, British and Swedish collude with each other to bring down Julian assange for publishing this video of murders?

And a reason why they may not want to let is go……

Read More about Assange latest here

YOU decide!

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