Daniel Prude

These are some protestors for Daniel Prude in Rochester………….. Remember this performance is INSIDE a police department…..

Not only are they being where they are told repeatedly not to be they are being unruly and pushing oh so many limits as your would expect from the fascist BLM (used in the text of “Fascism is an authoritarian, nationalistic political ideology.)

Fed Up Rochester Cop Tells BLM Protester He’s Arresting Her for “Being an Idiot” See more

Did you notice all nice and polite as in passive resistance (not leaving) until they force a confrontation…….

Did you notice that the other typical BLM trait is to run when you have pushed past the limit……..

Heck in my life…(and I have had the major part of it) I have never yet been arrested …… let alone allowing my mouth to keep writing checks my body cant keep.

But…. I am pretty sure those cops dragged these people into the station forced them to protest until they got arrested……….

But the cop figured it out…SLM Stupid Lives Matter

Daniel Prude

So to start with this is a video released by the Prude family (Edited) that show the arrest of Mr Prude who was doing the perfectly reasonable thing that everyone does……… which is going down the road naked and on a night when its snowing!

So because they guy claims he has Covid, he gets a spit hood. read morehttps://heavy.com/news/2020/09/daniel-prude/

His brother called the police (yes the same ones they want defunded) because this guy was acting strange. (drugs?)

You make up your mind…………………………

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