Thousand Currents

If You ever have contributed to BLM…. that money…all of it would have gone to a group called “Thousand Currents” see more

What is Thousand Currents?

Thousand Currents is a 501(3)(c) non-profit that provides grants to organizations that are led by women, youth, and Indigenous people focused on building food sustainability, fighting climate change, and developing alternative economic models for their communities across the world, according to its website.

Some might consider it a little differently if they new who runs Thousand Currents for BLM.

Susan Rosenberg, a member of the board of directors for the left-wing Thousand Currents group, which handles the intake of donations made to Black Lives Matter, is a convicted terrorist who, among other things, was suspected of helping Shakur escape from prison.

Biased Opinions

This is the fact check by Snopes see more


Susan Rosenberg is a convicted terrorist who has sat on the board of directors of Thousand Currents, an organization which handles fundraising for the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

What’s True

Susan Rosenberg has served as vice chair of the board of directors for Thousand Currents, an organization that provides fundraising and fiscal sponsorship for the Black Lives Matter Global Movement. She was an active member of revolutionary left-wing movements whose illegal activities included bombing U.S. government buildings and committing armed robberies.

According to Snopes

What’s Undetermined

“In the absence of a single, universally-agreed definition of “terrorism,” it is a matter of subjective determination as to whether the actions for which Rosenberg was convicted and imprisoned — possession of weapons and hundreds of pounds of explosives — should be described as acts of “domestic terrorism.”

That quote from Snopes Defies logic no matter who is assessing it

And Wikepedia says………
Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence for political or religious purposes. It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence during peacetime or in the context of war against non-combatants. The terms “terrorist” and “terrorism” originated during the French Revolution of the late 18th century but gained mainstream popularity in the 1970s during the conflicts of Northern Ireland, the Basque Country and Palestine.Wikipedia

Political Purposes

In November 1984, she was arrested in Cherry Hill, New Jersey after police said she and an associate, Timothy Blunk, were found transferring 740 pounds of explosives, an Uzi submachine gun, an M-14 rifle, a rifle with a telescopic sight, a sawed-off shotgun, three 9-millimeter handguns and boxes of ammunition from a car into a storage locker.

She was accused at some points of:

  • The 1979 prison escape of Joanne Chesimard (also known as Assata Shakur), a former leader of the Black Liberation Army who had been serving a life sentence for the 1973 murder of a New Jersey State Trooper named Werner Foerster
  • The 1976 attempted robbery of an armored car in Pittsburgh
  • The 1980 robbery of an armored car in Manhattan
  • Three attempted robberies of armored cars in Danbury, Connecticut
  • Four attempted robberies of armored cars in Nanuet, New York, in 1980 and 1981

Read the whole article here

As a very technical point the Snopes article find that she was not a domestic terrorist. I beg to differ.

What is much more important here is the connections that what better way to promote political violence to:

Africa….. Asia and Pacific……. and Latin America……

What better conduit to have

Than a convicted Terrorist who when you have 740 lbs of explosives in your possession its a fairly safe assumption that you have been taught how to handle it.In a position that allows her almost unlimited access to political agitators.

It is no coincidence that BLM promote Black Militants see here

I believe a Thousand Currents are simply an extension of Domestic Terrorists……. What do you think?

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