Why oh why?

Why I would ask are we obsessed with blaming race for everything that happens in this world?

“Some see age-old playbook in new Tennessee protest law

Tennessee shocked civil rights advocates after Gov. Bill Lee signed a new law that increases penalties and fines for common protest activitiesMore here

This article by ABC News accuses Nashville. Tenn. of racial injustice But is it fair?

“Tennessee’s new law increases penalties, fines and jail time for a wide range of protest activities, from marching in the street to encouraging what police call riots. Displaying a weapon while “causing physical contact” with a first-responder in a provocative way is now a felony.”

A typical weapon used by protestors is a skate board…….. Very hard to prove it as being a weapon but an awesome weapon it is……. It has a handle both ends….. extremely hard to stop………

“Chicago Police Officer Brutally Beaten With Skateboard by Angry BLM Mob” .see more

Another weapon used by protestors is a crash helmet….. not only for protection but assault in an aggravated way…

Lasers are another weapon that can be used with remarkable effect see more  (This article I believe is more a how to for protestors)

Laser pointers aimed at surveillance cameras can temporarily flashblind the camera, or can damage the sensor. Much tha same as with your eye!

Police now have to protect against this……


Atlanta ‘Protesters’ Embedded Nails into Fireworks, Leaked FBI Document States see more


These are not toys….they are Bombs!

So when faced with the law.

Displaying a weapon while “causing physical contact” with a first-responder in a provocative way is now a felony.”

Makes this law more sensible, and why should first-responder not be protected after all they protect you.

This is not a case of race….. and the article to me is another example of race baiting …..

““When you think of two people who embody peaceful protests, who fought for the right to vote, who were abused and had their lives threatened … their actions would now result in the loss of voting rights,” Rose said.”

Given these weapons above…can you think of a more unfair and unreasonable statement than this in the article……. see here

Our first responsibility is to First-Responders not to terrorists……

If you want to use these weapons on anyone at any time of course it should be a felony……. It is not PEACFUL PROTEST!

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