Eat your own

Its interesting how the mob pack mentality is spreading so fast and how blacks should be afraid….VERY afraid!

“Black Lives Matter protesters accosted Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat, as he left the White House to walk to his hotel after President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) Thursday night.

The group of protesters shouted obscenities at Jones and the woman accompanying him. Some recognized him from his speech at the RNC and demanded that he say the name of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police in Louisville.

“Are you a black Trump supporter?” one asked. “You’re a fucking disgrace! Shame!” another shouted at Jones.” see more

I do not really care about Vernon Jones politics because they are not really important to the disturbing trend here.

Just why should people ….anyone be accosted because of their beliefs or support for a particular legal organization?

We see people molested, ridiculed, derided and the good stand by and do nothing. Governments do nothing and Politicians actively encourage this terrible behavior.

We have seen what one guy will do, if he has the right equipment when descended on by these animals at Kenosha and we will see many more.

“In the 1930s, the Nazis had no problem identifying those they deemed culturally and racially degenerate or political enemies of the state.  After the Nuremburg Laws of 1935 went into effect, German Jews were considered public enemy number one, and in the ensuing years, street mobs, organized by the Brown Shirt secret police, vandalized Jewish businesses and homes.  

“Jews not welcome” was common street front graffiti.  Jews were forced to register where they lived and worked, their ID cards were stamped with a “J,” and eventually they were forced to sew yellow stars on their lapels or wear arm bands to make them easier targets for public ridicule and ultimately to make them easily identifiable to be rounded up for the Final Solution.” see more

Just look how close we are to this? If the order is not restored.

“Are you a black Trump supporter?” is just one of the questions of the inquisition and they will ask and there are many more……

So if your black be afraid ..very afraid…… because these hounds will eat their own!

The police forming a protective circle around this man will not be there to protect you!


Georgia teacher faces investigation for FB post about Jacob Blake

I find it amazing that is this world we live in that a Facebook post can be so powerful and far reaching when you state the truth!

“In the United States, people who are used to speaking their mind freely still appear so comfortable doing it online – so much so, that they are sometimes left unable to recognize that their circumstances have changed, sometimes dramatically. Both for them, and for their idea of freedom of expression.

And that, essentially, means that if they want to continue to be present on some of the largest social networks, these days they increasingly feel they must filter and censor themselves and their true thoughts very carefully – not least out of fear of being ostracized by their media-fueled communities and even losing their jobs.”  see more

Carol Doemel, director of orchestras at Lassiter High School in Marietta, Georgia, appears to be one of those people still confused about their new circumstances, and still perceiving herself as a citizen free to express her thoughts online.

But this teacher is now under investigation by her school board for racial insensitivity.

Doemel’s post, as it so often happens, is no longer available in the wake of the controversy. And the school district’s spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that they “expect every employee to treat everyone with dignity, respect and empathy, both in person and online.”

Still, the teacher has not been terminated, either. “While we are not aware of any policy violations, we do ask our team members to consider whether words spoken or posted are true, necessary, and kind,” the school said in a statement.

And all for saying the truth.


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