The final Destination is inevitable!

Look around you….. we offer our outreached hands to others…… only to have them bitten. Now why do you think that is?

I was rather thinking of this on a national level rather than a personal level, and what do we find? Every single time that we try to help others a negative occurrence usually ends up being the norm.

Take the US war of independence….. the democrats wanted to give up nothing…… the conservatives wanted to free slaves…… and they ultimately were labelled the white racist.

Yet what is fact is that conservatives believed in freedom….and died for others proving that all men were equal….. but what does he get????? they say he has white privilege.

Look at the EU countries they want to be good people and help refugees, yet in return sexual crimes against women and children have soared by these very same people we would wish to help.

In South Africa Ian Smith was ousted in favor of black rule…. not home rule…but Black rule……… so many whites supported at least a more equal system.

Those same whites have now been put off their farms in favor of the land grab where any black that wants it can take land……. only to find five years later it was the expertise and financing of the white man that made those crops grow.

In Israel a good chunk of other peoples land was given to the Jews on the premise of a book that cannot be verified was written by anyone. Although attributed to many and translated into many languages, one fact has been made absolutely clear and seems to be agreed on…… the TWO key players never actually wrote a single word!

But again humans that are civilized are benevolent and after the atrocities of the second world war it seemed only right to reinforce these peoples that have been so badly treated.

Only to find today that they treat others almost as badly!

By nature humans are the worse animal on the planet. There is not a single animal that you can name that takes more than what it needs, or what it can use.

That makes others pay more than the going rate, or capitalizes on others misfortunes. or withholds when its belly is full.

In addition we do not replace anything …well unless forced.

All of this has one single source….Power.

Men brag of their prowess in bed and over the female species….. and why… nature says it is so that to spread the word of that prowess makes you a sought after commodity….. and so your seed is spread.

As we have advanced in technology our game may have changed but the target is the same……. to advance our seed or our status so we are more notable.

We can do this in many ways but the two notables are, having enough money to get what we want, or having enough authority to get what we want.

But having something more than we actually need forces us to be benevolent to those less fortunate than ourselves, and consequently those as in the paragraphs above….always take advantage.

In Rome before their demise a similar thing occurred…. they were affluent…prosperous and they shared.

True….. they shared with their slaves but did offer paths to freedom…. Not to being Roman of course…. but their own freedom secured.

But when things started to get tough and less new lands were aquired the whole thing soon got shot to heck!

Do not be too benevolent………. its a mistake!



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