Are we calculating the wrong way?

I saw a rather interesting video on Ted today that looks at similarities of cave signs and paintings global that have some remarkable similarities at a period of 30 or 40 thousand years ago.

The implied premise is that of a language formed by a series of people that had common communication of some sort.

In 1994 Gobeklitepe Temple in Turkey being discovered dating to around 11000 BC….. (This is about 6000 yrs older than Stonehenge in the UK.)….. wheres today’s archeologists stand in awe at our bohemian ancestors that were not very smart. Here

The trouble is here that there is an assumption that the peoples were not far enough advanced to be able to construct in this fashion and at this time…..

The caves they believe left a means of communication …perhaps the first to be read by others……. a sort of a book or newspaper left on the wall.

But whereas these people believe it to be a communication it may well have been an epitaph to disaster in society, where you believe that you are the last ………….forced farther and farther underground for your safety.

I guess you might say the same of the dead sea scrolls except that I believe they were much too important and expensive with years of dedicated works to be just left there.

More likely they were left there for temporary safety and was intended to return for them….. an intent they had robbed of them ………

You can go on with Nazca and paintings of spacemen in a Geolyph.

A geoglyph is a large design or motif (generally longer than 4 metres) produced on the ground and typically formed by clastic rocks or similarly durable elements of the landscape, such as stones, stone fragments, live trees, gravel, or earth.

Carvings of detail that we can only attribute to being one thing.


Think of an alternative to an historical Niel Armstrong if you would. Yep hard isnt it?….. I have spent hours looking at this and cant think of a reasonable alternative…

The bible (no matter which one you read) all tell of flying machines, fire and brimstone, and angels with magical powers that can do spectacular things and can predominantly fly.

Even though we know that a few hundred years back sailing the oceans to wherever we decided to go coupled with colored beads made us seem spectacular, and robbing countries of ideas like gunpowder made us invincible.

A couple of hundred years ago we were looking at ways to get lighter than air machine. So how do you think the Wright Brothers would react to being in a stealth aircraft today?

Perhaps aircraft from a super civilization?

The thing is…… we as humans want attribute these super intelligent people that actually speak or draw as being far ahead of their time, but we don’t ever consider that may be the last surviving remnants of previous civilizations right here on our planet.


Just say for a moment you saw some great catastrophe. We have seen minor ones recently like that of New Orleans. The supposed greatest country in the world took more than three weeks just to get drinking water to these people.

Society collapsed much faster than you we imagined with murders being common place to the extent that even law enforcement officers joined in the melee to survive after giving up on FEMA.

But what if it got worse? pockets of people seeing the gradual death of millions around them…. no electric, phones or or internet would very quickly put us in the dark ages where gangs would roam and be the primary predators.

People who currently rely on the system for their survival like aged, hospitalized and those that need government help would be the first to suffer, but we too would be very close behind them.

In cases of mothers with many children there would be an abrupt end to the only help they have……

But just for one second….one minute…. consider if you were that last one on earth, it is likely you would want to leave our epitaph for others that may follow along behind us…… and that gives all the appearances of a super being when in fact they were our neighbor all along…..

Maybe even trying to tell us where they went wrong to avoid us making the same mistake…. because we has humans actually look out for those that may follow if we are given the chance.

A message in a language long forgotten trying to tell the history of what we have seen before they too become dust in the ground.

And if your not sure that’s what we might do, it may interest you to know…. we have already done it. Who is to say we have done it many times before!

Perhaps they know something we do not?


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