Penka the Pregnant Cow

Me??? well normally I don’t really have too much to do with pregnant cows, and to be honest have little time for them.

The last year or so I have been off red meat completely so they interest me even less, but Penka is a different story.

Penka is an EU born cow that broke free one night when wolves chased her and ended up in Serbia…. Just a few miles away.  I know…. you would expect a cow that wears a tag around its neck that says Bulgaria to know that she is violating EU rules.

So off goes the farmer to pick up his cow and on his return the border guards say that his wandering cow does not have the correct paperwork……. read more here

The idea that even that we have been given horse meat passed off as beef controls are in place to stop any animal diseases being brought into the EU.

For those of us that lived through the seventies and can remember Foot and Mouth which resulted in whole herds getting destroyed it rings a bell.

But this particular cow was gone a couple of days before being located…… so…. as the border guards said…….‘It is not for us to decide — we are only implementing rules that come from Brussels.’

And that is the point of my writing……. not the cow….. the rules!!
Ever noticed the best way for any employee to legitimize just about anything….?
“We are only implementing rules”
You might have heard it in many different ways such “Its company policy” or “We are not authorized to do that!”
Some years ago (well about 30yrs ago) I lived in a rural area…… I had an argument with my wife and resorted to removing myself from the problem so as to minimize impact.
I went for a drive got a six pack and went to a lovely spot overlooking the sea…. a couple of miles away that was really very pretty.
I did not even see the police car when it pulled up behind me…. and I was on my third beer!
Too late to try hiding the cans…. he was already on his way to my open window.
Do you have a problem? he asked while scanning the passenger seat with not only the full cans but the empty ones too.
Nope I said….. just the wife giving me some jip so I got away for a while!
Where do you live?
I told him where it was …. almost two miles away.
He got closer and made small talk …. all the while I could feel the analysis on whether I was impaired to drive……. Not legally impaired you understand…… that was obvious with the traitorous cans by my side…..but physically impaired!
He said …….Are you going straight home from here? in a very gentle tone…….. Yes I said!
He said you Are going straight home now? Directly home?
It was not a question really it was a command!
It was early days of the breathalyzer and the penalties were very harsh…. and to lose your license in the countryside would have been terrible……… and strictly speaking I had just lost mine for 18 months!
I am going right now……..
Off he went…. off I went having no idea if he was making a check on me……..
Today it would be…………… explain it to the judge…. after a night in the cells………
I think the officer did the right thing…. establishing the circumstance first, and using his discretion…. something impossible to do today.
Although discretion can also be a very bad thing, it sometimes can be a godsend, well certainly in my case.
The flip side however is that if you do not have discretion …the control… and have to refer higher…… agendas can be promoted, and central control of people is inevitable.
Ever notice that you get a once in a lifetime event…. with a very small percentage of the population……… soon after another control law is introduced that just fuel the Big Brother aspect?
Take 9/11 for instance. The US public surrendered all rights all control to their lives the day after.
All phone records were legally searchable on the say so of practically any government agency.
Airport security has gone to silly levels where a baby is taken out of its mothers arms to be searched…… or as this week a 102 yr old woman in a wheelchair had a pat down that took ten minutes, and did not stop till all her dignity had long since departed…. 102 yrs old!
You are now legally a terrorist…. unless you can prove otherwise, and not one single thing that has been put into force today could have changed the outcome on 9/11.
There are things that could however…. such as strengthening cabin doors to stop intrusion…. perhaps gas that could be administered by the pilot to sedate all passengers.
Even the FBI actually taking notice of warnings from other countries, and implementing their own rules for prevention of terrorism…….
In the first it promotes finance for security and keeps the public in perpetual panic of terrorists coming out of the walls, creating fear so that you need your protection……. Big Brother is saving us!
Correcting their own house first as in the second by taking steps that cost money and are more effective does not achieve the agenda because it would actually be more cost effective and would make the chance of another hijack almost impossible. But would cost big companies only!
Discretion is the higher form of valor, and, for Penka the Cow, could have been applied by the border guard……… If only Big Brother would allow him to….. but instead it has been turned into an international incident!

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