What if?

What if all we ever stood for and all we believed in is false? The principals that we were taught? The rules that we grew up with, and those we hold dear? All False?

A sort of computer game that is being played by all…………. but is rigged!

Take a casino for instance….. it needs punters……. it needs gamblers……. but they wont play if they cannot win.

Some do win that spend a sufficient amount of time and that are smart enough. Others win because they cheat……. eventually ending up in a shallow grave in the desert.

The casino wins because at the end of the day when you analyze the punters that come through the door, the ones that win, the ones that lose, and the ones that cheat they have their margin that they know makes sure they cannot lose…. ever! Its rigged!

Every slot machine has to make a payout of its maximum which ensures that others will play even more…… so a jackpot is not a loss…… its a bargain ……

There is only one possible scenario that they can lose …….. and that is when punters stop coming through that door…. so you need to control the winnings enough so that the possibility of winning always attracts the masses

Las Vegas as an example…….. had many millions being spent on a piece of desert….. nothing more….. a piece of wasteland that gave casino principals a new hunting ground that, instead of going to the punter, now made it attractive enough to make the punter come to them.

Absolutely anything you want. If you come to play its there, if you want sex its there, if you want to party its there!

All out of prying eyes…and as we all know….what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.

A casino does not care who you are…. they want you to spend your money!

So in all things you can be controlled to your maximum payout….. as long as people come…. When they stop coming …… you very quickly go bust!

Globally it is much the same thing……. People are in control to the extent that you need them to do the work….. you dont care what race they are….the problem is to control them.

The trouble with the system is that people became too nationalistic….. too set in their ways and too hard to change.

In this respect people can compare to their ‘daddies’ day and see where its going….

All men of money…. real money want no more than you to spend your money so they make more…. and… they dont care who or what you are. They earn it with the same characteristic in mind.

Now the two sorts of rich money men….. those like say………. the mafia, who need the common man to make…. so he can come and spend money.

The second rich man thinks that this is small feed to the amount he can take from the small man as part of government…… legally…. like say supporting the military!

In all phases of life are the upper tier, and, the lower tier………. and both have their limits….. both have red lines they will not go beyond and all have future targets of where they want to be.

There are many ways  or many roads that lead to the same destination….. its just a case of which is the easiest.

Say if you have enough money to open a billion dollar car plant…… what difference is it to you whether they open it it Africa, or Denver??? ….. the people are one….. the instability is another….. but as long as they produce the cars at a cheaper cost than what is current, you make more money in real terms than the more expensive car.

What we have seen is that there is no shortage of car plants being created around the world….. India…Pakistan etc…… but do you notice where they do not have plants?…. AFRICA!

In fact such is the confidence in Africa that the money class long abandoned the working man in Africa, simply because they were not dealing with a populace intelligent enough to understand anything that went past a tribe of a sort, that could for a radio be persuaded to change sides.

Africa is an unstable country that cannot be changed…. that being the case means you abandon it till it implodes then come back and pick up the pieces….. Why waste time an effort in the meantime.

In fact if you check out the interest rates paid by any country it is indicative of its stability, and as it gets more civilized it gets more stable.

So its logical to suppose that any guy that is prepared to invest is gonna base that investment on the basis of risk……. which if you have shares in say Venezuela or Angola you may want to hedge your bets.

But like all businesses that are flourishing in money…at times you may want to take a little more risk….as long as the final outcome like being in Las Vegas is that you win!

Here is a video that is kinda long at two hrs is worth watching….. If you have a free mind it may make some sense……. Here

The fact is that there are sections of society that have different priorities……

The ones on the local level of marginal poverty that are being kept afloat by the system…..

Then you have the small entrepreneur that need more time for their business

Thirdly global bankers and their consorts who….. would sell their parents if the price is right.

The ones at the poverty level are the ones chosen to implement the New World Order because they are the most susceptible to the ones that feed them and their families.

The encouragement comes on the back of a system that these men of power had not envisaged……. the internet!

The internet allows us to do our research and reach our own conclusions……

Secondly the ones that have seen…and read about the inevitable that is ahead of us….. The Preppers……. They know upheaval is coming and are taking steps to minimize the damage to themselves……..

The ordinary guy has his family, mortgage, and work to occupy his time…..

Others have much the same….but making vast amounts of money….

I guess each and everyone has his price……

But do your research and be prepared…. because ..inevitably…… the day of reckoning is not too far away!
























































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